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Animal Advocacy Careers | Introductory Course

Animal Advocacy Careers | Introductory Course

If you’re interested in a career supporting and working with animals, this online introductory course delivered by Animal Advocacy Careers would be the perfect way to gain a real insight into the industry, and by the end of this 9 week programme, will leave you with a clear sense of direction and a career plan.

We will be hosting weekly support for YES participants who would like to complete this programme; to give you all the support you might need to make the most of this fantastic and interesting opportunity. If you would like to take part, but don’t have access to a computer or reliable internet connection, we would be able to arrange space in one of our hubs for you to get involved.

Further information is below, please contact adam.watts@yessuffolk.co.uk if you would like to hear more or to apply.


At the end of this course, we expect that you will be bursting with ideas of career paths that would enable you to help animals effectively and would be highly fulfilling.

What’s more, it will provide you with the knowledge that you need to start working out which career path will enable you to maximise your positive impact for animals. In the workshop, you will be supported to use this knowledge in creating a career plan and working out which actions you should take next.

You’ll also meet a group of peers going through the same process as you. You will be able to support each other to make progress on your goals, during the course and afterwards.

The online course sessions are:

  • Why farmed animals?
  • What does the farmed animal movement look like today?
  • Which interventions should we focus on?
  • How can you donate effectively?
  • How can you have a career that helps animals effectively? (Two sessions)
  • How can you test your personal fit?
  • Can you help animals?
  • How much have you learned? (Test)

This will be split over 9 weeks, with each online session taking an hour or two to complete.

The workshop consists of:

  • Introductions, networking, and group support with your peers,
  • Discussion of the content from the online course, and
  • Career planning sessions and support.

This will take one full day. It will be conducted remotely via Zoom. After the workshop, we will also provide some follow-up contact and support to help you implement your plans.

To hear a little more about Animal Advocacy Careers below you’ll find a presentation by Founder Lauren Mee, talking about why Animal Advocacy Careers came into existence and what they aim to achieve.