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Lift Off for YES Parachute Scheme

The feeling of rejection when job-seeking is like ‘a kick in the gut’ as one young person put it. It is something many of us can empathise with and, as an employer, delivering this ‘kick in the gut’ is never relished. With limited time and resources, it can be very challenging to give detailed feedback and support the applicant needs.

Nevertheless, the young people we work with too often feel they are left in the dark about their areas of improvement. Some feel doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes. We wanted to do something about this, so we devised the YES Parachute Scheme.

What is the Parachute Scheme?

Through this new scheme, we are able to work with employers who are searching for job applicants. This collaboration means companies can shape YES workshops that address any common areas of need they have identified across young people that might have just missed the mark. Applicants are invited along to these workshops once they have been made aware they have been unsuccessful.

Rather than receiving that ‘kick in the gut’ and left to wonder where to look next, they have access to online workshops tailored to their needs. These will not only provide general feedback but the opportunity for YES. to work with them on areas of improvement. By providing this knowledge we aim to improve the young people’s chances of finding success in the next opportunity they apply for.

Free one-to-one coachign is also available to all eligible applicants. With our Work Coaches, they can practise interview techniques, buils confidence and find positions suited to their skillset. This gives employers the reassurance that the young people they have decided not to take on are well supported and, despite not securing a job role, will not be left feeling disheartened.

YES in Action

East Suffolk Council is an example of how YES can work in collaboration with companies to support applicants. During the recruitment of apprentices, East Suffolk Council was keen to support the hopeful applicants they had to turn down.

“East Suffolk Council had 6 apprenticeship placements available this year and around 106 applicants in total. Although this gives us a fantastic choice of candidates, it also means there are lots of keen applicants that we have to let down. We were therefore keen to collaborate with YES Suffolk to give our unsuccessful applicants the opportunity to fine-tune their application and interview skills, as well as access ongoing coaching support.

With the current rise in youth unemployment, we were really pleased that we could help these candidates find other opportunities via the YES Suffolk service, even if it couldn’t be with ourselves. We wish each and every one of them the best of luck.”

Lydia Walker, HR Advisor at East Suffolk Council

In the case of East Suffolk Council, participants of the workshops cited fears and anxieties around interviews. In particular, a common question was how interview questions could be prepared for. By sharing strategies, and hosting mock interviews we were able to actively improve these areas of weakness. After just one session our impact was clear. One young person stated that “this has assuaged many of my fears around interviews”.

As a service, we are passionate about finding new ways to support young people. With schemes such as this, we can raise the bar. We want to set a new standard of recruitment with employers in the local area to better equip young people and improve their chances of success in the future.

Find out more about the Parachute Scheme

Would like further information on the YES Parachute Scheme? Contact Adam Watts the YES Employer Engagement Advisor at adam.watts@yessuffolk.co.uk

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