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Imagination meets Inspiration: Workshops for a better future



These are challenging years for young people; the pandemic, climate crisis, disappearing nature, loneliness, social media, the pressures of modern life. Many believe life is not like it must have been in the past and 1-in-8, yes 1-in-8, now have a diagnosed mental health difficulty.

But here’s some positive news; in Suffolk groups of young people aged 16-25 are ‘imagining’ their way into creating the way they want to live, and the environment they want to live in.

Luminous is a free project by young people and for young people, supported by local non-profits Siren Calling, Suffolk Mind, Inspire Suffolk and Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Led by a spirit of ‘what if?’ they share ideas and skills that help young people imagine a better future and manage their mental wellbeing.

“Luminous says ‘What if?’ What if we can make things turn out better than we expect? History shows that only by imagining things differently can we then actually make them happen. It’s the way human brains work!” – Xenia Dautzenberg, 23, Project Leader 

If you’re 16-25 and living in Suffolk then you can apply for any of three free 2-day skills, imagination and mental wellbeing ‘workshops’: 

1st & 2nd March – Lowestoft

15th & 16th March – Felixstowe

Along with 6 weeks mentoring, they inspire participants to produce films to be shown in livestream broadcasts run by and featuring themselves. 

Picture The One Show or Springwatch”, says Xenia, “ but run by local young people and about the issues that matter to them, with hosts, chats, debates, shares, music and more from locations in Suffolk nature.”

It’s no secret that young people consume information digitally and young people at Siren Calling have run two digital festivals last year already, with an audience of nearly 6000 people on social media. 

“I could give a million reasons as to why taking part in the Siren event was good for me. I often feel intimated talking about these issues to people who are older than me, as it can feel as though you aren’t being heard. So to be given a platform to talk to people of my age was an honour. It has really helped my self-confidence – Faye

And as Jordanne, a musician from Nashville, Tennessee, who took part in February said, “We don’t have anything like this at home”.

This initiative is funded by the Youth Intervention Fund from Suffolk Community Foundation, Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB, East Suffolk Council and the Woodward Charitable Trust.

The organisations leading Luminous believe that what we do in Suffolk can be an example to others, celebrating and reclaiming a sense of place, community and heritage. 

“In Suffolk we had proud traditions, abundant nature and a great way of life, so if you are young, worried about an uncertain future, and struggling with your mental wellbeing, then here’s a chance to learn great skills, reclaim your heritage and show decision-makers how you want to live in the future”. –  Ian Rowlands, Siren Calling director
Free to take part, just apply at the website https://sirencalling.org/luminous.