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Eadrict’s Story

Eadrict came into the service being referred by his job coach in Leiston. Eadrict was attending college doing a music course that he was passionate about. However, due to the travel to and from college being so expensive and working part time alongside his course, he had to make the decision to drop out of college and work full time. Due to covid, his place of work closed which left him unemployed. He was eager to be independent and earn money and eventually by a car and flat. He has always shown a willingness to progress and work through his barriers, build his confidence and give him direction. Simon and Eadrict have engaged over a love of music and beat-making, using music technology, for which he has a YouTube channel. He is also a keen sea fisherman. After developing his CV and working on his interview skills, he has found a domestic cleaning role at Sizewell Nuclear Plant and was offered the role. He is so excited to start and begin his journey.