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Torree is 16 and currently lives at home with her mum, dad, and sister. She struggles with her anxiety and even left school in year 9 due to her anxieties. Because of this, she felt as if she was being held back from being able to move forward in education as well as life in general. This meant she was not going out very often and found it really difficult to socialise.

Her anxieties continued through to now where she met Lisa our YES Personal Development Coach. Although she was still anxious when she started working with YES, Lisa was able to pull Torree out of her shell. They discussed opportunities within Inspire which is when Lisa mentioned both Inspires Online Achieve Summer Programme and Inspires Wellbeing Service. From these conversations, Torree decided to sign up for both.

Torree successfully completed the Online Achieve Programme. She was even able to turn on her camera and talk into the microphone during the last session which for her was a huge win! Not only was Jay the programme tutor proud of her for doing this she also found this to be a huge personal achievement and was extremely proud of herself.

After finishing the Achieve Programme Torree and Lisa went back to discussing her next steps. Lisa suggested that Torree do the Inspires Princes Trust Team Programme to improve her confidence even further. However, despite thinking this would benefit her Torree decided she would like to get back into education and go back to college. Both Torree and Lisa from here were able to look into possible courses that would be in Torree’s chosen sector. These were photography or something around gardening and landscaping. It was at this point that Lisa found a course at East Coast College called Grow and Mow. With this course, Torree would also be able to study both her English and Maths. So, with Lisa’s help, Torree applied for these. She has now been accepted onto the course which began on the 19th of September.

Torree was asked what the highlights of her time with Inspire would be and she has said that becoming more confident, beginning to overcome her anxieties, and having Lisa by her side to provide support, help and guidance.

Torree would like to thank Jay for his support during the Achieve Programme. Lisa for all her help with providing information, and guidance and helping her to build up her confidence. She would also like to thank her mum, dad and Early Help Team workers Jo and Lydia for all of their help with everything.

A quote from Torree:

“If you can believe you can do it, then you should do it!”