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Tai began his journey with us after he had finished college. He had very little confidence and no motivation to do anything. Every day being in his room playing video games and doing nothing saying himself that it was boring.

When Tai started working with YES, he had a few meetings with Simon before deciding that the team programme would be a good thing for his confidence and motivation. Tai attended the taster day with Simon and decided to start.

After Tai had completed the programme, he was more confident and had finally got some motivation he began to work with Simon more working on his CV and completing applications. After some more work with Simon Tai was offered an interview with a construction company which he went to and was very successful. He was offered a trail shift with the company which he was at first very reluctant to take, however after some support and words of wisdom from Simon he took the opportunity. Safe to say he was very glad that Simon had convinced him to go to the trail as he is now working full time with the company and is being taught about all aspects of construction that he wanted to learn about.

Comments from Tai:                                                           

When asked what he would say to other young people interested in the services:

“Do it. Go ahead. I have got a lot from it”

“It has boosted my confidence a lot and helped me out”

East Suffolk