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Stephen’s journey has not been an easy one in August 2022 he was rushed to hospital with a catastrophic bleed on the brain which turned his life upside down. This left Stephen feeling like he was struck in a pit that he was unable to get out of. One of the biggest barriers being a lack in self confidence and motivation due to him only just coming out of hospital. He himself saying that he didn’t have the will to do anything and was sitting at home all day very rarely doing any activities.

Stephen began working with Yes who he says helped him to find a sense of purpose and helped and supported him with all the needs he needed to grow. His main needs at the time being his self-confidence as well as helping to find him something to do while he was in a state of limbo.

Stephen joined the Team Programme where he wanted to make new friends and gain new skills, knowledge and experiences. All of which he was able to do when completing the 12-week course

Stephen has since been working with Simon and has now secured himself a job as an activity’s instructor at PGL. He will be completing full training in Devon and is really excited for all the new opportunities.

How do you feel and how have we helped you:

“I feel very supported and that I am part of something. And that feels good it’s a good feeling.”

Youth Employment Service:

“I believe that there is a lot of things the Youth Employment Service can offer to young people especially if they don’t have anything or don’t know how to progress. And that support from The Youth Employment Service and Inspire can give people that extra push in life.”

Team Programme:

“You may not really want to start it and have some self-doubts but once you get to know the team, they are more than just people they are like your family. It is a great experience, and you will absolutely regret it if you don’t do it”

East Suffolk