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East Suffolk

Mark is 23 and from Bungay and before joining Inspire was struggling to find work due to living in an area which is isolated geographically. The area also has a lack of opportunities. With this and no access to transport plus very limited public transport it made finding a job very difficult.

Mark had managed to gain some level 1 qualifications from previous training and showed himself to be a very good learner. He was also able to gain some work experience and completed some short courses in that time.

In October 2022 Mark began working with Tony our Youth Employment Coach for that area. Working with Tony allowed Mark to work on his application skills as well as them both working together to completed job searches and find roles that would suit Mark. This then gave them the opportunities to put the newfound application skills to use applying for a range of opportunities that fitted within Marks areas of interest keeping in mind the difficulties with travel and location.

Through his time working with Tony Mark was able to gain some confidence and vital communication skills which came in very handy when Mark was invited for some interviews.

A comment from Mark since improving his confidence: “I can achieve tasks and achieve targets”

Make has since secured 14 hours a week as a cleaner at Poringland Primary School as well as a couple of hours a week cleaning at a local business. Mark has said that he has enjoyed the sessions with Tony, and he is also now much more positive about the future. 

We wish Mark all the best with his new roles!

Further comments from Mark:

“It has been great to be able to talk to someone like Tony, who understands the needs and isolation issues I’ve faced in the past and who always looks for solutions and advice!”