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Lucy is 20 and before starting her journey with Inspire was doing nothing after she had been in Education. She completed school and came away with GCSEs. She had also been to college where she achieved BTEC qualifications and enjoyed her time there. Unfortunately for Lucy her next steps after college didn’t go quite as planned as she attended Stafford University which she had to drop out of due to her mental health at the time. She has said it was important for her to drop out at the time to find herself as she felt this was something that had become lost. At this time, she was planning to do an apprenticeship which is how she met Cathy of Apprenticeships Suffolk at the Job Centre.

Cathy at the time was working with The Youth Employment Services on a Project and referred Lucy to us. Lucy then met Tony at Colville House where they spoke about Lucy’s options. This was when she expressed – “I wanted to come out of my shell” Hearing this Tony suggested that Lucy did the Team Programme. Lucy decided that this would be a good idea and did the 12-week programme.

While doing this Lucy learnt some valuable skills and gained plenty of personal achievements. She hugely improved her confidence, became more resilient, made lots of new friends and connected with some old and was also able to improve her teamwork skills.

Lucy said “It was difficult but enjoyable” when asked about her time on the programme.

After the programme, Lucy was able to regain a position at Stafford University which she previously attended and will be heading there to do a 3-year law course. She also went back to Tony to get some further support before she headed off to university where they worked together to create a cover letter to go with her CV to help her when it came to applying for jobs in and around the area of the university.

Lucy Would like to thank Jenni for putting up with her and the team while they were on the programme. She would also like to thank Tony for being a laugh and making everyone really happy.

She would also like to share her thanks to everyone at Inspire for being supportive through everything.

East Suffolk