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Livi is 19 and came to the Youth Employment Service after being jobless for three years. After attending the Job centre to sign up for Universal Credit, Livi was introduced to Simon.

At the time, Livi had recently started some part time work at café. Although she was very happy with this, she was still striving to do more and progress in her career.

One of the main things that Livi was struggling with was the rejections from places she had applied for – she’d had no luck to the point she was beginning to give up. This was when Simon stepped in and instilled in her the importance of persevering.

Simon noted that Livi might be able to make improvements to her CV to increase employer interest. After working for together on this they uploaded the CV to Indeed where the new and improved CV attracted plenty of new work. Unfortunately, however, this still wasn’t the type of work that Livi was looking for.

Nevertheless, while working with the Youth Employment Service, Livi got the opportunity for a second small part time role in which she is a cleaner. She has now been given her opportunity to take this work on full time from September which she is looking forward too. She has said this has helped her start looking at her future more logically and is beginning to think things will work out for her. After starting full time in September, Livi is looking to take some driving lessons and take her test to make commuting easier.

When asked, Livi said she would recommend the service to other young people as there is no judgement and everyone is very patient and understanding in helping you to get somewhere.

East Suffolk