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Jasmine, 22, uprooted her life when she moved from Wales to Lowestoft three years ago. While in Wales Jasmine struggled in school due to a lack of support around her anxiety. She had very low attendance and left school with lower grades than she was capable of.

She found herself in a new area with very little qualifications, and eventually found a Kickstart scheme through the Job Centre. While this provided some sense of security, once it ended she felt she was back at square one with no plan on how to move forwards.

It was at this point where she met Cathy from Apprenticeships Suffolk who recommended Inspire.

Challenges Faced

Before meeting Inspire, Jasmine faced several challenges, including a lack of confidence, difficulty in making friends since moving to Suffolk, and the need to improve her interview and leadership skills. These obstacles had hindered her personal and professional development and left her feeling lost.

Our Approach

Working with YES and completing the Team Programme has helped Jasmine to make new friends and it has also hugely improved her confidence. Surprisingly, she discovered her leadership skills, a quality she hadn’t realised she possessed. Working closely with Tony to improve her job skills also allowed her to gain valuable interview skills, which further benefited her professional growth.


After being on Team and working with YES, Jasmine is hoping to start working for Better Healthcare where she will be a support worker working with young people who have learning difficulties. Jasmine’s interview with Better Healthcare went exceedingly well, and she received praise for her impressive performance, highlighting the positive impact of her personal growth and newly acquired skills.


Overcoming challenges, Jasmine gained confidence, made new friends, and discovered her strengths. This has allowed her to gain a better understanding on the path she wants to travel with her future career and helped her uncover a passion for helping the community.

Her positive experience showcases the significance of young people having opportunities to hone their skills and discover passions so they can continue on the path to success after education.

Jasmine extends her gratitude to everyone involved in her journey with Inspire and the Youth Employment Service.

Quotes From Jasmine:

“Everything was fun and helped me to make friends in the area”

“I feel comfortable at Colville House the staff are all so kind and supportive”

“YES and Team helped me to be more confident and realise I am a lot stronger mentally and physically than I thought”

East Suffolk