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Jasmine is 22 and lives in Lowestoft. Before starting with Inspires Youth Employment Service she was not sure what direction she wanted to take with her future. Jasmine previously worked with Inspire in 2022 and completed the Team Programme after attending college to do beauty. However, this course did not work for her and she came back to Inspire for more support in April this year.

Jasmine started to work with Lisa in April where they discussed what Jasmine liked and what she would like to go into. Jasmine and Lisa found a few volunteering opportunities that fell in line with Jasmine’s interests in catering and childcare, but she found that these roles were not for her so decided not to take them. After looking at some more opportunities with Lisa Jasmine decided that she would like to go to college and apply for either a childcare or a catering course there. Lisa supported Jasmine with asking about the courses and after all of the enquiries she completed an application for a catering course at East Coast College to start in September.

In the meantime, while waiting for her college course to start Lisa helped Jasmine to sign up for a course with The Green Light Trust. Lisa helped her to complete all the paperwork as well as keeping in touch with her about all the arrangements also ensuring that she had everything she needed for the course. When it came to it Jasmine realised that this course may not be for her and decided to not take her place. However, this did not stop her and Lisa from keeping in contact over the summer to ensure that she was fully prepared and ready to attend college.

Jasmine is now looking forward to starting her college course. She has said that Inspire has helped to stay distracted from other things in her life.