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Jack is 19 years old and was stuck in a bit of a rut regarding employment and career opportunities. His confidence and personal circumstances were starting to get him down and he felt like he was at a dead end. Jack’s mental health had taken a bit of a hammering and he was feeling low and lacking self esteem all he needed was some advice and guidance and someone to believe in him and support him moving forward. Jack had had a few jobs previously, but they had all ended on a bad note and was the struggling to het replies from applications.

Jack met Tony in March where his main aims where to find an immediate jobs to have some money coming in and look for a CSCS Course which is part of his long-term goals. During his time with Tony Jack was able to sort out a Universal Credit claim so that he was able to be gaining some money while in the desperate hunt for work. They were also able to work on Jacks’ confidence, motivation and prepare for interviews.

Because of the hard work in looking for a job Jack was able to find a job at Pontins which he was invited to do an interview with. Jack smashed his interview with Pontins and was described as ‘standout’ and ‘the best presented young person by far’ at the interviews by DWP and Pontins interviewer. Jack has because of this been given the job and will start this over the summer.

Also, in good news Jack has been accepted onto a CSCS course which is booked in for August.

All these things have given Jack a direction and a point of contact where he knows he will get support. His confidence has also sky rocketed and he has shown so much pride for the roles and work that he has been able to do.

Comments from Jack:

‘Tony was a great help, not only to find work but also in getting my confidence back and I feel a lot better and more positive after a meeting Tony’

‘Thanks to YES and Tony, I am now working and my confidence in my own abilities and at interviews and applications is so much better than where it was’

East Suffolk