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East Suffolk

George grew up in his Leiston whole life, he went to a pru school in Lowestoft. Prior to gaining his new role, George had a variety of jobs. Before he started working with YES, he wasn’t getting into work because he was just generally struggling and at times found is hard to find work or a job he wanted to do.

Day to day before YES, George was looking for work but said it never went past the CV or application point, which was a real struggle for him.

Simon spent time with George practising interview skills which not only built his confidence but gave me the confidence to ask questions especially as he had never done an interview before. Simon was able to help on areas that he was not so confident on which allowed him to thrive and get past the application stage.

‘I would recommend YES because it helped build confidence but I also did the PT team programme which built up my team work, I grew as an individual and built my confidence. YES allowed me to take all my skills, what I have learnt, confidence and grow as an individual but also move into my new steps’.

George was offered a Night Warden Role and has already started. Good Luck George.