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After losing her last job in 2022, Francesca felt like she had no hope in finding a new job. She felt isolated and had no confidence with leaving the house and was suffering from anxiety and lacked in confidence. Francesca was referred to YES via our wellbeing service, she started working with Matt on a 121 basis and having these sessions allowed for her to get out of the house and build up her confidence. Matt was able to understand her needs of lacking in confidence and self-belief and listened to what she needed. At first the sessions focused on identifying personal values and learning to be assertive as the sessions progressed, the change in Francesca was huge and she was starting to believe in herself much more. The session then focused on career direction and there were many discussions on possible next steps and Matt and Francesca looked at different sectors that Francesca was interested in. After working on her CV and building her confidence, she started to apply for jobs, one job in particular was the East Suffolk ambulance service. She was asked for an interview, which Matt tailored his sessions to focus on interview skills and prepare Francesca as much as possible for her interview.  Francesca’s interview went really well and she was offered the role of care assistant for East Suffolk Ambulance Service and will be trained in medical care response and advanced driving including blue light training. Not only has Francesca being able to start her life again but she can leave the house, she feels more confident and she can’t wait to start her new role.

Comments from Francesca:

‘My journey has been brilliant and given me the confidence to go and get my dream job, and Matt has helped me to build my confidence and get the job I wanted.  Matt helped me understand interviews and how to prepare for these and using my confidence to go to the interview and use these. Matt generally cared about me and wanted to help, I felt like he cared about what I wanted and actually listened to what I wanted and what I needed.  Having 121 sessions has meant I have had to get out of the house which I usually wouldn’t of done. I would say to any YP, don’t give up, there are always people who are willing to help you and give you a helping hand. If you are willing to try, people will be there to help you.’