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Eadrict came into the service being referred by his job coach in Leiston. Eadrict was attending college doing a music course that he was passionate about. However, he faced a number of obstacles that meant ultimately he took the decision to drop out of college and work full time. With a strong desire to be independent, he sought our help in finding employment to support himself and achieve his goals.

Challenges Faced:
Like many young people, Eadrict faced several barriers to employment. Travelling to and from the college was very expensive and he stuggled to balance his part-time job and his studies . Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic further complicated this situation by leaving him unemployed when his workplace closed down. However, Eadrict remained determined to find a job and work towards his long-term goals.

Our Approach:
Our team at YES. recognized Eadrict’s drive. We worked with him to develop a professional CV and enhance his interview skills. He and his work coach, Simon, would often talk aboutmusic (a passion Simon shares!) and his love for sea fishing. By understanding his personality and interests, we were able to guide Eadrict towards opportunities that suited his skills and passions.

The Outcome:
With our support, Eadrict secured a domestic cleaning role at the Sizewell Nuclear Plant. The job allowed him to earn a steady income while pursuing his interests . Eadrict was thrilled to start his new role and was eager to prove himself as a valuable employee. Through his determination and hard work, as well as the support of his YES coach, Eudrict now can now start his journey int he workplace.

Eadrict’s story is a testament to the importance of reaching out for help when you need it. With the right guidance and support, young people like Eadrict can overcome their barriers and achieve their goals. At the Youth Employment Service, we are committed to helping young people find meaningful employment and supporting them in their journey towards independence and success.

East Suffolk