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Chloe is 17 and began working with the Youth Employment Service shortly after moving into supported accommodation. At this point, she was also struggling with her mental health and was stuck on sick leave for an apprenticeship that she wasn’t enjoying and had a poor working environment.

Chloe began to work alongside Simon from the Youth Employment Service. She was looking for support to leave her apprenticeship as well as some support to help her decide what she wanted to do and get into moving forward. After working with Simon for a little while Chloe could see she wanted to work in health and social care. After lots of support and signposting Simon recommended a short course called the YOU Care Skill Academy which was able to give Chloe some skills and knowledge of the health and social care sector.  She said, “It helped me to figure out my long-term path and helped me to gain things along the way”.

Chloe will now be starting a Health and Social Care Course at Suffolk New College where she will learn even more about the sector that she would eventually like to work in.

Chloe’s Comments about Inspire and the Youth Employment Service:

“I think that Inspire is definitely a good service to work with. It is worth sticking out with because you do get a result in the end”.

“With Inspire there is always progress being made and I felt like I could always see a positive”.

“If there was something you need help with, they can help, and they always had the answer. Anything you needed help with you could tell them and they definitely help a lot”.

East Suffolk