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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The YES team is made up of expert staff who understand the struggles young people face when searching for employment. Some of them have even been on our programmes themselves! Using their insider knowledge, they’re ready to use their skills to help you find the right next step for you.

Kaitlin, Education Administrator

Kaitlin is the voice you’ll often hear on the other end of the phone! She has been with our charity for many years, after joining as an Apprentice, and keeps everything running smoothly. She’ll check in here and there to make sure all is well and that your career is heading in the right direction.

“The journey I have been on has helped me understand other young people. Knowing what school was like for me has helped me relate to what other young people go through. That’s why I love YES so much… it’s exactly the type of thing I wish I had!”

Elisha, Youth Employment Coach – Hadleigh/Sudbury

Elisha knows her stuff! She’s got heaps of experience helping young people move on to their next steps and has first-hand experience of the university application process. She believes that building a bright future isn’t just about the right opportuities but having access to the right support.

“I have always wanted to make a difference in the world, and with a degree in psychology, and background in youth support work I feel as though I can help young people achieve their goals and aspirations and to create a positive future for them.”

Maddie, Project Manager

Our genius behind the scenes! Maddie manages the YES service, making sure all our young people are receiving the best support they possibly can!

“In our ever-changing world, it’s an incredibly daunting place for a young person to be; to make decisions, and to navigate their lives. I am so grateful that my team and I are able to be just a small part of the big journeys these young people embark on and hold unconditional positive regard for anyone we work alongside, allowing them to imagine and then fulfil their full potential. “

Lisa, Personal Development Coach – East Suffolk

Lisa is an experienced youth worker with over 10 years’ experience of successfully working with young people, helping them to overcome any barriers that they might face on their journey into the workplace. She loves working with young people to help them become who they want to be!

Leona, Administrator – Ipswich

Leona knows how to create a mean spreadsheet – she’s our go-to for all things data! She works behind the scenes as our master of efficiency to keep everything running smoothly so our coaches can spend their time searching for the latest jobs and offering guidance.

Jackie, Youth Engagement Manager

Jackie has worked in the youth sector for over 6 years and has loved every minute. She manages our amazing team of coaches and knows what businesses are after when looking to fill jobs. She believes young people should have access to everything they need to succeed and works hard to make it happen!

Tony, Youth Employment Coach – East Suffolk

Tony is experienced and has worked for Inspire for many years, helping young people make positive progress. His knowledge of jobs in Lowestoft is unmatched.

“I have a wealth of experience with a wide range of skills and connections within the community that I can use to help young people to get to their desired destinations. I like to see the young people succeeding and being a part of their journey is something I treasure.”

Matt, Youth Employment Coach – Ipswich

Matt has a wealth of experience helping people find housing advice and education, training or employment and assisting with any barriers that might be stopping them take steps forward.

“Young people are just as special as everyone else in the world and its essential for them to realise that – they’re brimming with untapped potential and sometimes it takes someone to bring that out.”