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A winning review!

Last month Simon received some feedback from the DWP in Leiston and Woodbridge who he works very closely with, about the support he has been giving their young people and staff at the centres.

Simon is very passionate about his work and this shows in his day to day engagement with young people but also how he builds great relationships with stakeholders and referral partners.

Thank you so much for the support you provide our Job centres and our young customers . I have seen some very positive changes in our customers you have supported as well as the customers openly feeding back positive experiences they themselves had with your support. Our Work Coach team, in particular Dan who is our Youth team champion Work coach in Woodbridge has nothing but praise for you and your team’.

The work coaches at the DWP have such great feedback about Simon’s work and it just shows how valuable our work is with organizations like the DWP. Simon is a great asset to our team and feedback like this shows how great he is at his job. The below comments also highlight how valuable our internal programmes are to the organisation we work with.

Work Coach Feedback:

Simon as part of the YES team has been a valuable asset to help me in my roll as a work coach. He is also willing to go that extra mile. In regards to the Leiston Youth they feels his help is  also a key reason that they are finding work. A valuable person to have working alongside. We work together closely and will speak a minimum of 3 or 4 times a week, creating action plans for claimants and following up employment leads.  Never want to lose him.

As a Youth Work Coach it is highly important that any provision I put my customers on is worthwhile and helps prevent them falling into the trap of long term unemployment at the start of their journey into the job market.  The Prince’s Trust Team Build programme has been absolutely fantastic.  I have seen a real change in everyone who has attended.  They are more confident and more motivated.  Some of them even have different body language now when they come in to see me for their weekly catch ups.  They are visibly more confident and motivated.  I’m looking forward to referring more people in the future as it really helps.

As you can see the work Simon does with the DWP in the East of Suffolk is invaluable.

Well done Simon.